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Unmanned Weighbridge

Unmanned Weighbridge is an individual system that allows 24 hours and 7 days a week of weighing operations without the need of an operator. Due to the system's easy interface, it is completely operated by the truck driver. This system makes use of RFID - Radio frequency identification system. It works is to transmits the identity of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. It also finds application in mining industry, steel industry, waste recycling, cement industry, asphalt plants etc.

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Unmanned Weighbridge Manufacturers
We provide Vehicle Position System and Unmanned Weighbridge System, Two Way Weighment System  ( vehicle enter in both site on weighbridge )
Vehicle Position System For Weighbridge:
Easy Installation Process
Easy to Use
Connect with Existing Weighbridge
Connect with any weighing Indicator
Avoid operator manual mistake,
Make secure weighment,
Avoid duplicate weighment in same vehicle,
Make weighment process speedy,
Get accuracy from operator,
Get vehicle current status on click,
Use new technology for weighment,
Provide various type reports. 
Connectivity With SAP, ORACLE, ERP
Support OS with XP, Win7,
Support To Malty Type Database
System Automatically take Vehicle Image/Photo on Weighment Time,Capture Vehicle actual position on weighbridge and store image in HDD with full ticket. 

Ideal For :

  • Mining Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry etc.
  • Sugar Industry
Benefits :
  • Vehicle Position System
  • CCTV Camera & Photo Capturing
  • Barrier Security System
  • Checking same vehicle for both weighment
  • Verify loaded good on vehicle
  • Instruction announce with loud Speaker
  • Integrate with SAP,Oracle,ERP
  • RFID Integration
  • Barcode Integration
  • PLC Based Intelligent Terminal
  • Traffic Light indication
  • Photo Sensor based system
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